Snazzier (?) AppCode

At the recent and wonderful NSConference, I spoke to a number of developers who either hadn't tried AppCode, or if they had, dismissed it immediately because it doesn't use native UI.

My first reaction was - hmm "non-native UI probably shouldn't be enough of an issue to instantly dismiss it, given all the other cool stuff it can do."  But then I thought, well, I don't like the ios7 UI very much - to the point of it putting me off using my iPhone lately since some hipster designers vomited light contrast pixels onto a white background in the name of usability.  So if somebody recoils at the thought of non-native UI in a developer tool, I guess I can relate - beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what works well for some doesn't for others.  But I digress.

The point here is to show that AppCode can be tweaked to look similar to Xcode - for some degree of similarity.  Whether that similarity goes far enough to satisfy those who really want native UI is unclear but here are some screenshots that show how I've customised my AppCode (and how I like it to look), along with how I've configured my color scheme and fonts in Xcode.  And hey, if you don’t like my Xcode, well tough - it’s mine dang it!

The two screenshots below say it all... if this is interesting enough for me to describe in more detail I'd be happy to share - everything is done via the preferences screens in AppCode and is hardly rocket science.  But still, happy to go into more detail if it helps somebody out, just let me know - I'm @chwalters on Twitter.

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