Zapier Integration List (as of 26 December 2013)

I went to look at the list of API providers that Zapier supports and found that I hadn’t heard of many of them.  So I did a quick exercise and did a very, very quick visit to each of the service providers.  I captured the URL and a brief description of the services, and tried to categorize them by my own notion of what they do.  I made a spreadsheet to capture this info.  If you have any suggested changes, please let me know (or if you think I should use a different format, etc.).  For what it’s worth, the file is in my public documentation repository on Github, so feel free to fork away, etc.

A list of API's supported by Zapier.  Taken from their status page and then did a very brief lookup to find out the URL and create a brief description of the service:

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